Daughters of Abraham

Daughters of Abraham stands with our Black brothers and sisters. We of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths support all races, and we disavow oppression, discrimination, and brutality of any people. Women of faith stand together!

“What matters in life is to take a stand… If we do not take a stand, then we will fall down in our own eyes. Let us take a stand for what is right. And let us raise our voices against injustice.”
~Avijeet Das

Is it possible to bring together a group of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim women and see them progress from strangers into a close-knit sisterhood of tolerance, genuine respect, and love? If this could be accomplished, might it provide hope for world peace?

These were the questions that impelled Janice Lord to organize Daughters of Abraham in a post 9/11 environment. Scouring the community for women who would put aside their vulnerability and reach out in courage to those of other faiths, she persisted until she had a small group that included women of all three faiths. Since 2001, hundreds of women have sought out the group and discovered a treasure of interfaith relationships. No one denies the differences of their faiths, but the focus is on similarities, and as authentic friendships developed, the differences seemed to matter less and less. The women rejoice in their common monotheism and they share a love of God and desire for peace in the community and the world.

Daughters of Abraham believe in and actively work toward peaceful and nonviolent solutions to problems. Community projects have included activities that address violence and its victims and the needs of immigrants when they arrive as strangers in the community. As part of their public awareness campaign, they provide a team of members who respond to invitations from churches, civic organizations, and schools. The team presents a brief video and presenters explain their participation in the group. Community outreach has included the development of an interfaith youth group.

Honoring their common heritage in Abraham, Daughters of Abraham continues to promote constructive dialogue in pursuit of interfaith understanding and peace.